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All courses offered by Tampere University have been compiled on this page. Please check the course information in advance to see if you meet the qualifications for each course.

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KAS.KAY.506 Advanced theme studies in education: Educational and multidisciplinary perspectives on learners’ agency, 10 ECTS. Lectures (English) 28.8.2023 – 10.12.2023.

Registration 1.8.2023–18.8.2023 23.59.

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KAS.KAY.503 Advanced theme studies in education: Socio-cultural diversity and transnational perspectives in education, 10 ECTS. Essay (English), Independent study, no guidance

28.8.2023 – 31.12.2023

Registration 1.8.2023 –23.11.2023.

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KAS.KAY.430 Intervention research and analysis, 5 ECTS. Online teaching (English) 1.9.2023 – 9.12.2023.

Registration 1.8.2023 –16.8.2023.

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DPEDU.211 Conducting Literature Reviews in Educational Research, 2 ECTS. Seminar Online teaching (English) 8.1.2024 – 25.2.2024

Registration is closed.

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DPEDU.232 Tutkimusartikkeli tekstilajina Verkko-opetus (suomi), 3 op. 14.11.2023 – 5.12.2023

Registration 2.10.2023 –24.10.2023

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DPEDU.212 Reading course on language politics. 3-5 ECTS. Online teaching (English) 1.9.2023 – 9.12.2023

Registration 1.8.2023 –25.8.2023

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TAU/MOOC: Key Concepts of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) 5 ECTS, 2023, Online teaching (English) 15.9.2023 – 2.12.2023

Registration 1.8.2023–15.8.2023

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DPEDU.230 Reading and Writing as a form of Inquiry, 3 ECTS. Seminar (English) 31.8.2023 – 16.10.2023

Registration 1.8.2023-27.8.2023

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